Alex marshall

Business development @ coherent
continuously working on side projects


I graduated from University of Bath in 2015 with a degree in International Management & German. 💼🇩🇪

I spent a year working as Head of Marketing at a social media network before joining Coherent as a Business Development Manager. We make software for managing coworking spaces 👩‍💻👨‍💻

I've made a bunch of products as side projects, most of which were made with no-code. Most of them made $0 revenue. And most of them are now no longer updated, or dead 💀

When I'm not making stuff, I'm probably playing video games 🎮

I love languages, psychology, cars, travel and creating stuff ❤️


I work for a startup called Coherent - a SaaS product for managing shared workspaces. My role is Business Development Manager which loosely equates to product development + project management + marketing + sales + customer support + QA - and I love it!

Coherent handles everything from bookings and resource management, to invoicing and payment collection. Our team has 10+ years experience running coworking spaces, so we know all about the admin issues faced by them

If you want to know more, send me an email


Here's some of the things I've made. To see what I'm currently working on, find me on

Achievement Calendar
🍼 Jan 2018

⏰Reminders for date specific Xbox achievements

🤖Made using code for Chrome extension - HTML, CSS, Javascript. Google Calendar + IFTTT for Telegram bot

Xbox Game List
🍼 Oct 2017
💀 Dec 2017 (still live, needs updating)

📋List of all Backwards Compatible, EA Access and Game Pass Xbox Games
🛠️ Built mainly for my own need
🤖Made using no code - airtable + carrd
🔜Make into bot using airtable/google sheets as database

Bwthyn Guddfan
🍼 Oct 2017

🏠Monthly blog from my dad about life with a wooden Garden Lodge in his garden
🤖Made using no code - carrd

21 Websites
🍼 Oct 2017
💀 Oct 2017 (no traffic)

💸Pay $2 to post your website. Maximum 21 displayed at any one time. Old ones pushed off by new submissions
🛠️ Built to see if this model could work
😎$8 total revenue
🤖Made using no code - carrd + Stripe
💀Didn't drive enough traffic to website, so ROI was bad for customers

🍼 Apr 2017

➕Simple maths problems every time you open a new tab
🛠️ Thought it would keep your brain sharp because it would be doing really easy work with every new tab
🤖Made using code - HTML, CSS, Javascript

The Edgy Tab
🍼 Apr 2017

📣Chrome extension showing quotes from Dan Waldschmidt with each new tab
🛠️ First freelance job. Hired on the back of a Chrome extension I posted to Product Hunt
🤖Made using code - HTML, CSS, Javascript

Gary Vee Motivation
🍼 Mar 2017

📣Chrome extension showing quotes from Gary Vaynerchuk on every new tab
🛠️ Wanted to learn to code, Chrome extension seemed like good place to start
🤖Made using code - HTML, CSS, Javascript

Forza Reminders
🍼 Feb 2017

⏰Reminders for Forzathon events in Forza Horizon 3 & Motorsport 7
🛠️ Built 100% to solve my own problem
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦~4k users across Messenger, Facebook, Twitter & Telegram
🤖Made using no code - Chatfuel, buffer, IFTTT

Startup Wisdom
🍼 Nov 2016

🧠 Curated startup advice sent daily via Messenger
🛠️ Wanted to learn about bots and Chatfuel
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦~7k total users across Messenger, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
🤖Made using no code - Chatfuel, buffer
💰Currently for sale, dm me if interested